People Empowerment Programme (PEP)


Sri Lanka is experiencing an accelerating breakdown of the Rule of Law and deteriorating governance. The lack of good governance and the breakdown of the Rule of Law are the root causes of many of Sri Lanka’s problems such as rampant corruption, inefficient public services, slow economic growth, the spiralling cost of living, the rifts among communities, the soaring crime rate and the culture of impunity that prevails. The Constitution has left the People, who are supposed to be sovereign, with hardly any powers at all. It is only by helping the People to mobilise themselves into active Citizens’ Committees (CitComs) in every population centre that sustained pressure can be applied on our Legislature and the Executive to take serious note of the People’s wishes. Bearing this in mind, CIMOGG has formulated plans to take the initiative to set up CitComs in every part of the Island and to provide them with accurate, unbiased, apolitical information to help them to come to their own considered consensus on national and local issues and to convey the views of the voters in each population centre to the District MPs for whom they have voted.

In CIMOGG’s People Empowerment Programme, it is envisaged that there would be around 10,700 CitComs, corresponding to the Polling Station Areas (PSAs). The views of the voters in each PSA would be ascertained and, when firmly and regularly conveyed to their MPs, would be an enormously powerful force for change. By activating such lobbies simultaneously throughout the Island, the People’s representatives will be hard put to ignore public opinion as they do now with a total lack of accountability.

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