CIMOGG – Citizens Movement for Good Governance

The 13th Annual General Meeting of CIMOGG was held on 10 June 2015.  The names of the members elected to the Executive Committee and the Advisory Council are given below, with indications of senior positions in which they have served in the past or are currently holding.  The terms “Retired” and “Past” are omitted in the interests of brevity.

Executive Committee

President Dr A.C.Visvalingam
  • Chartered Engineer
  • President, Society of Structural Engineers, SL
  • Member, Public Service Commission
Vice-Presidents Dr M.H.V.Cooray
  • Senior Lecturer, University of
  Dr Alwis
  • Consultant Agronomist
  • Senior Advisor, FAO
  • President, SL Academy of Sciences
  Mr A.D.N.Fernando
  • Secretary, Ministry of Mahaweli Development
  • President, Royal Asiatic Society
  • President, Engg. Section, SL Association for the Advancement of Science  
  Maj-Gen Kamal Fernando
  • Chief Signals Officer, SL Army
  • Director (Training), National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority
  • Company Director
  Dr Upali Kuruppu
  • Chairman, SL Standards Institution
  • Vice-Chancellor, University of Moratuwa
  • International Civil Servant
  Mr Elmore Perera
  • Surveyor-General
  • Attorney-at-Law
  • President, Organization of Professional Associations

Honorary Secretary & Actg. Treasurer

Mr W.B.A.Jayasekera
  • Chairman, Lanka Mineral Sands Ltd
  • President, Organization of Professional Associations
  • President, SL Society for Quality Control

Assistant Secretary

Mrs S.C.Seneviratne
  • President, NGO Forum on Ageing
  • Social Service Activist
  • Company Director

Assistant Treasurer

Mrs Ranjani de Alwis
  • Music Teacher
  • Artist


Advisory Council

Eng Upali Delpechitre
  • Chartered Engineer
General Silva
  • Army Commander
  • SL Ambassador to Pakistan
Mr I.O.K.G.Fernando
  • Chairman, SL Tea Board
  • Secretary, Ministry of Industries & Scientific Affairs
  • Secretary, Ministry of Plantation Industries
Eng Walter A.Gunawardena
  • Chartered Engineer
Mr M.Anver Javadh
  • Company Director
Mrs Gnana Moonesinghe
  • Political Scientist
  • Writer
Colonel Faiz-ur Rahman
  • Company Director
Air Vice Marshal A.B.Sosa, vsv, psc
  • Company Director
Mr Ananda Wanasinghe
  • Development Economist

15 July 2015