CIMOGG’s Primary Objects

CIMOGG’s Primary Objects are -

i) To mobilise Sri Lankans for the purpose of building a truly democratic society in which the sovereign will of the people is respected and all citizens live in harmony with each other, united in their diversity, under the Rule of Law, and in which all public office is held in trust for the People;

ii) To provide a forum for individuals and organisations to meet and work towards the Primary Object (i) above;

iii) To focus public attention on matters pertaining to good governance and to do whatever is necessary to achieve same;

iv) To act as a pressure group on all political parties and those holding public office to make them comply with the requirements of good governance;

v) To work towards ensuring the right to information on matters affecting good governance and to disseminate such information.

The main pillars on which CIMOGG relies on to achieve the Primary Objects are that -

(a) sovereign power belongs to the people;
(b) the politico-legal system should be changed so as to let the primary constituencies retain as much power as they can readily exercise, as expressed by the term “subsidiarity”;
(c) it is only in respect of matters regarding which a small constituency cannot act alone that it would need to cooperate with an appropriate number of its neighbouring constituencies;
(d) the only effective way of ensuring that the People’s representatives, at all levels, remain accountable to the public, is to provide procedures for the recall and replacement of all representatives who are found wanting at any time during their term of office.

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